Speaking Canadian
While we share a continent with the USA, Canadians don't always speak the same language as our Southern Neighbours. Here's a guide to keep you from getting into too much trouble. Be a keener not a tool and study it.

    1 5-Pin Bowling a smaller ball and only 5 pins---great for kids and drunks
    2 Beauty thanks; cool; good fortune
    3 Beaver impolite term for the female genitals
    4 Blue-Eyed Arab a person from Alberta named Arab because of the oil industry
    5 Boonies a location that is a great distance from any metro center both physically and culturally
    6 Brown Bread whole wheat bread
    7 Bush or the Bush area of hunting mines and forests
    8 Butter Tart a small pecan-pie-like tart
    9 Can bathroom
    10 Centre of the Universe a sarcastic term for Toronto Ontario because of the inhabitant's attitudes
    11 Chesterfield Sofa
    12 Chocolate Bar candy bar
    13 Clicks slang for kilometres or kilometres per hour
    14 College community/junior college not to be confused with "uni" or university
    15 Cowtown Calgary
    16 Deke Quick turn or detour
    17 Dipper a member of the New Democratic Party of Canada
    18 Double-Double A cup of coffee with two creams and two sugars
    19 Down South refers to the United States
    20 Eavestrough rain gutter on the eaves (edge of the roof) of a house
    21 Elastic rubber band
    22 Emo short for emotional someone who is extremely and inappropriately emotional. A subculture that often dresses in dark clothes and resembles goth
    23 Farmer Tan tan of the lower left arm obtained by driving with the window open wearing a short-sleeve shirt. Also any tan or sunburn of both arms from mid- biceps and lower.
    24 Fire Hall where firemen live and wait for a call. Fire station firehouse
    25 For Sure definitely
    26 Forty Ouncer 40 oz. bottle of alcohol
    27 Forty Pounder 40 oz. bottle of alcohol
    28 Girl Guides girl scouts
    29 Goal Suck Term of derision for an opportunist. In ice hockey somebody who stays around the opposing teams goalie and does not play defence
    30 Gotch underwear
    31 Gouge-and-Screw Tax Goods and Services Tax (GST HST)
    32 Grit a member of the Liberal Party of Canada
    33 GTA frequently used acronym for the Greater Toronto Area
    34 Had the Biscuit Dead broken spent "My old car has had the biscuit".
    35 Hammered very drunk
    36 Hang A Larry/Louie Turn left
    37 Hang A Roger Turn right
    38 Hogtown Toronto
    39 Holiday Canadians use the term "holiday" interchangeably with "vacation."
    40 Hollywood North a reference to film production in Canada used to describe Toronto and Vancouver as two major sites of Canadian film production.
    41 Homo Milk Homogenized milk. "Do you want homo with that?"
    42 Hosed Drunk or broken or not working. "I dropped my laptop, now its hosed"
    43 Hoser unsophisticated person
    44 Housecoat bathrobe
    45 Hydro electric service - lots of dams for hydro electric
    46 Jesus Murphy An exclamation of surprise
    47 Jump the Queue Butting into line - never done
    48 Keener brown noser
    49 Kerfuffle A commotion or fuss often caused by a disagreement. A hockey fight.
    50 Ketchup Chips believe it or not a flavour
    51 Knapsack Backpack or bookbag
    52 Kraft Dinner Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
    53 Left Coast British Columbia
    54 Lineup line of people; queue
    55 Loonie The Canadian one dollar coin
    56 Lord Stanley or Lord Stanley's Mug slang reference to the Stanley Cup, awarded annually to the champion team of the National Hockey League.
    57 Lotus Land British Columbia especially the Lower Mainland around Vancouver due to flowering plants in winter
    58 Maritimer A resident of the Maritime provinces
    59 May 2-4 Weekend The Victoria Day weekend marking the first long weekend of summer which usually happens around May 24th the official holiday but is known as the 2-4 weekend because that's what we call a case of beer based on the number of bottles inside.
    60 Mickey Small bottle of liquor "can you grab a mickey?"
    61 Nanaimo Bar A dessert made of egg custard and graham crackers with a layer of chocolate on top
    62 Newf/Newfie Insulting term for a person from Newfoundland
    63 Oil Town A nickname for Edmonton which refers to the oil refining industry in the region
    64 Pissed very drunk
    65 Pogie Welfare; government assistance
    66 Pop Soda
    67 Postal Code The Canadian version of the British postcode or the American ZIP code.
    68 Poutine fries + gravy + curd cheese
    69 Processed Cheese american cheese
    70 Puck Bunny A girl who follows hockey because she is attracted to the players
    71 Queue A line of people
    72 Randy Excited turned on horny
    73 Regular used to denote a coffee with one cream one sugar ("I'll have two double doubles and a regular"). Also the lowest grade of gasoline.
    74 Rez Short for dormatory residences in University or College.
    75 Riding the Pine sports term when a player is not allowed to play by the coach
    76 Rink Rat Someone who spends a lot of time on the ice playing the national sport
    77 Runners Running shoes
    78 Rye & Ginger Canadian whiskey and gingerale
    79 Sally Ann short expression meaning the Salvation Army church
    80 Serviette napkin
    81 Shreddies cereal
    82 Slack Off Term for low quality work; to work slowly and minimally
    83 Smarties something like M&Ms
    84 Stag Bachelor party or a movie shown therin
    85 Stagette Bachelorette party
    86 Steeltown Hamilton Ontario in reference to the city's main industry
    87 T Dot Toronto
    88 T. O. Toronto
    89 Tad a very small amount "I would like a tad of sugar in my coffee"
    90 Take Off expression meaning "leave" similar to "get lost"
    91 Tap faucet or spigot
    92 Texas Mickey a 3-liter (101 oz) bottle of alcohol
    93 The Big O Montreal Olympic Stadium
    94 The Bill what Canadians ask for in a restaurant (Americans ask for the check)
    95 The Hammer Hamilton Ontario
    96 The Peg Winnipeg Manitoba and outlying areas
    97 The Rock Newfoundland
    98 "Tim's Timmy's" Tim Hortons doughnut chain named after a famous Canadian hockey player from the 1960's
    99 Timbit A round bite-sized treat made from what is left over of a doughnut after the hole is cut out from the middle. The term was coined by the Tim Hortons doughnut chain.
    100 Tool An idiot
    101 Toonie The Canadian two dollar coin
    102 Toque wool winter hat
    103 Tory a member of the Conservative Party of Canada
    104 Track Pants sweat pants
    105 Two-Four A 24-pack of beer
    106 Uni University
    107 Van Short for Vancouver; often combined with East West etc.
    108 Vinegar On Fries especially fish & chips
    109 Washroom Bathroom or restroom
    110 Whitener Non-dairy coffee creamer
    111 Winterpeg city of Winnipeg
    112 Wobbly Pop Beer
    113 Write (A Test or Exam) To take an exam
    114 Zed The letter "Z"

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